Introducing the new nature inspired play structures from Landscape Structures. The exciting TreeTops create super fun and challenging structures packed full of innovative play value! Not only is it visually appealing with nature inspired colours, but it offers exciting new obstacles with continuous play. It allows children to feel as if they’re exploring the treetops in nature and navigate their way through different components and slide options.

These pre-configured designs incorporate CoolToppers shade fabric to allow for protection from those hot summer days and can be easily removed and reinstalled seasonally if desired.

Treetop Playground structure with integrated shade
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Design Inspirations

Find inspiration for your next project by creating one of a kind spaces using the latest sample designs and concepts from Landscape Structures.

Whether you are working on a net or tower climbing structure, or utilizing the topography and natural environment in your surrounding area, create a play space that is unique with innovative and trendy playground designs.

These custom designs will establish your park as a landmark destination.

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Hedra Towers

Connect one or more Hedra Towers to bring additional dimension to the adventure. These custom towers can be configured to include your favorite components and material options.

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The Hedra™ Line – The New Shape of Play

Endless formations of fun are rooted in the new geometric playscapes of Hedra™, Hedra Scout and Hedra Towers. These tessellated shapes create playful pods that link together, forming a fascinating interconnected matrix of three dimensional play.

With multiple options at any given point, each move says “YES, AND let’s see what happens next.” This type of wayfinding encourages improvisation, sparking cognitive and imaginative exploration. One day kids may find themselves climbing through a treehouse in the jungle, the next day playing three-dimensional tag or scaling a mastodon.

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