Caring about the world and the places we touch

Habitat Systems’ commitment and concern for the state of the environment is the reason that we promote the use of green policies and practices. Habitat Systems has taken the Pledge for a Sustainable Community in order to honour our commitment in continuing our efforts to create an environmentally friendly workplace.

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Green Team

Habitat Systems’ “Green Team” is a voluntary committee that meets over a “brown-bag-lunch” in our boardroom to brainstorm future eco-friendly initiatives. From large projects like updating our recycling program, to smaller efforts such as implementing signage to help people remember to turn off the lights at the end of the day, we are proud of our team’s efforts.


Green Partnerships

Habitat Systems feels that it is important to reduce our carbon footprint by aligning ourselves with companies who share our vision.

  • In conjunction Landscape Structure and the Global Releaf Program, we donate a specific number of trees to areas in need to directly offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced in the manufacturing of each client’s playsystem.
  • We send many of our office shipments through eeko Couriers, an eco-friendly delivery company.


Green Products

Our product manufacturers are committed to the environment and follow green policies and practices as well.

Landscape Structures uses a kaizen process aimed at eliminating waste known as “lean manufacturing”, which allows them to create the most environmentally-conscious play products available. They are ISO 14001:2004 certified for consistent and continuous environmental stewardship. They were the first playground manufacturer to have this certification.

Victor Stanley utilizes thousands of tons of recycled material each year to help conserve our planet’s natural resources. Approximately 98% of the raw material used in their steel bar production is either post-consumer or post-industrial recycled scrap steel. More than 90% of the total raw material used in recycled plastic production at Victor Stanley is either post-industrial or post-consumer recycled plastic as well.

Dinoflex Recycled Rubber Playground Tiles consist of up to 90% recycled, post-consumer tire rubber. This recycled crumb rubber is produced within a 500-mile radius of their factory in BC and their water-based polymer binder is manufactured on site.


… & the little things

Habitat Systems knows that when being environmentally conscious, the little things make a difference.

Our team members ensure that their computers, as well as the thermostats, are turned down at the end of the day. We use energy efficient office products such as compact florescent light bulbs and recycle materials including paper, plastic containers, batteries and yes… even toilet paper. Whenever possible, we print double-sided, reuse paper and boxes, and do our best to use minimal packaging.

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