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At Habitat Systems, we offer many playground surfacing and flooring options with a safety first design every time.

We’ve assisted thousands of schools, daycares, and community groups. We create spaces where kids can run, jump, climb, swing, and explore with less risk of injury.

As with everything we do, our playground flooring is designed to look amazing, stand the test of time, and with kids in mind.


Choosing the Right Playground Safety Surfacing

We know that all playground safety surfacing options should be carefully weighed. With surfacing selection, installation, and maintenance, there are costs that are balanced with the traits of each surface. You will find pros and cons to every system. They are often based on a bad experience or a personal preference. For instance, a parent of a child in a wheelchair might not like loose fill material. Similarly, a parent with a stroller can view sand or pea gravel as difficult.


What Habitat Offers

At Habitat, we have installed thousands of playgrounds all over BC and Alberta in the last 20+ years. We are not a surfacing manufacturer, therefore our thoughts on each safety surfacing system is based on our experience in the field. Above all, we view them through the eyes of safety, longevity, and value to our clients. We get that budget can drive the process. However, over 80% of injuries on playgrounds are from poor safety surfacing. In conclusion, it is important to put plenty of thought into the best surfacing for your project.

Our playground safety surfaces include playground wood chips, pour-in-place rubber, rubber swing mats, and artificial playground grass. You can learn more about our different playground surfacing below, or contact us for more information.


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Playground Safety Surfacing

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Playground Safety Surfacing

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Playground Safety Surfacing

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