Fitcore Extreme

No gym membership? No problem! Get in your fitness all while enjoying the great outdoors.

With Landscape Structures Fitcore Extreme, you can create your own fitness course and challenge yourself through various obstacles fit for your comfort level and skill. There are multiple fitness options available for children ages 5 to 12 and teens/adults ages 13+ which promotes whole body fitness and agility.

Incorporating fitness equipment into your outdoor spaces can improve the overall health of your entire community as it brings people together and increases usage in both children and adults. Studies have found that exercising outdoors has many positive health benefits, including an increase in your energy.

Enjoy a friendly competition with your friends to become the next Ninja Warrior, or work on your personal development and improvement. Design your own challenge with these pre-configured courses!

Fitcore kids Fitcore Extreme

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Playground structure with integrated shade

Introducing the new nature inspired play structures from Landscape Structures. The exciting TreeTops create super fun and challenging structures packed full of innovative play value! Not only is it visually appealing with nature inspired colours, but it offers exciting new obstacles with continuous play. It allows children to feel as if they’re exploring the treetops in nature and navigate their way through different components and slide options.

These pre-configured designs incorporate CoolToppers shade fabric to allow for protection from those hot summer days and can be easily removed and reinstalled seasonally if desired.


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Design Inspirations

Find inspiration for your next project by creating one of a kind spaces using the latest sample designs and concepts from Landscape Structures.

Whether you are working on an net or tower climbing structure, or utilizing the topography and natural environment in your surrounding area, create a play space that is unique with innovative and trendy playground designs.

These custom designs will establish your park as a landmark destination.

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Victor Stanley

Create a minimalist look with a Scandinavian inspired design for your next outdoor space.

Victor Stanley’s Stella of Sunne™ Collection offers a variety of site furnishing products including sleek and comfortable benches, modern tables and receptacles and conventional bike parking solutions.

Designed to fit your space, this collection allows you to choose from steel, wood and recycled plastic panels and slats and comes in multiple colour options.

Transform your space with the newest designs.

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A Message from our Team

As you read this, Habitat Systems hopes this message finds you, your family, and colleagues well and in good health.

The Habitat Systems team continues to assist in the creation of outdoor spaces that everyone can enjoy. Our team has transitioned to work processes that are in-line with all government recommendations, including social distancing, during this health crisis.

To reach one of our team members directly, please visit our team page.

New to Habitat? Please visit our Contact Us page and we will connect you with a team member.

We’re all in this together and we’re here as you need us.

Aquatix Water Play

Time to add some splash to your play!

Aquatix is a pioneer in water play design and has focused on creating interactive and fun water-based activities for the whole family! Splash pads and water parks allow for a new way to play with the addition of water features for added fun! Creating both indoor and outdoor spaces, Aquatix products make for great summer days where family and friends are able to enjoy the adventures and imagination of water play but can also still enjoy the benefits on a rainy day inside at indoor facilities. 

Aquatix makes an extensive line of products and contemporary structures such as ground sprays, water domes and themed designs, in addition to exciting new innovations, including universally accessible gather stations and the newest fully accessible water play feature, the Hedra Mister.

Jump in and get started with your next water park project!

Contact us today!

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Dero Bike Parking

Do you have a bike? Is it your main form of transportation to and from work or for leisure recreation?

Dero is here for all of your bike parking needs. From bike parking to shelters, to repair stations and lockers, Dero offers a complete line of durable bike parking solutions with custom capabilities to create unique designs. They strive to make high quality products that are both visually appealing but also compliment the trending needs within a community.

Contact us to learn more about Dero Bike Racks and find the perfect fit for your space!

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The unique geometric configuration and continuous circuits create a hive of evolving play that encourages exploration. Kids aged 5-12 enjoy novel play experiences, time after time.

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Hedra Scout

Introduce children ages 2-5 to the many benefits of dynamic play. Developmentally appropriate activities populate this geometric circuit of continuous exploration.

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Hedra Towers

Connect one or more Hedra Towers to bring additional dimension to the adventure. These custom towers can be configured to include your favorite components and material options.

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The Hedra™ Line – The New Shape of Play

Endless formations of fun are rooted in the new geometric playscapes of Hedra™, Hedra Scout and Hedra Towers. These tessellated shapes create playful pods that link together, forming a fascinating interconnected matrix of three dimensional play.

With multiple options at any given point, each move says “YES, AND let’s see what happens next.” This type of wayfinding encourages improvisation, sparking cognitive and imaginative exploration. One day kids may find themselves climbing through a treehouse in the jungle, the next day playing three-dimensional tag or scaling a mastodon.

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Stella Of Sunne™ Collection from Victor Stanley

We are excited to announce the brand new Stella Of Sunne™ Collection from Victor Stanley.

With new and modern designs, the Stell and Ella site furnishing products offer comfortable and stylish features perfect for any outdoor setting. Constructed from one of the toughest hardwoods available, this new line allows for extreme resistance to decay and abrasion for that long lasting durability and longevity.

Create a space with comfortable bench seating and tables, matching receptacles and sophisticated bike racks.

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Canadian Tire Jumpstart Playground at Unwin Park

It was announced in early 2019 that the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities would build a universally accessible playground in Unwin Park as part of its Jumpstart Inclusive Playground Project initiative. Situated in Surrey, BC, Unwin Park is a large community park with lots of exciting things to do, including baseball diamonds and soccer fields, and a basketball court. In addition to a water park, there will now be a brand new 12,000 square foot accessible playground this coming fall!

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities was launched in 2005 to address an issue of national concern: the inactivity of kids. National in scope, but local in its focus, Jumpstart helps kids in financial need participate in organized sports and physical activities. And through its Play Finds A Way movement, Jumpstart’s vision is to create large-scale, accessible playgrounds across Canada. Jumpstart will work with selected municipalities to design and build inclusive playgrounds for kids of all abilities, building at least one playground in every province and territory by 2023. Jumpstart has always been committed to supporting local communities and their goal is that these playgrounds will become a destination, and a gathering place, for communities to unite around play.

Habitat Systems is proud to work alongside Canadian Tire Jumpstart and our playground manufacturer Landscape Structures to create a truly accessible playground for children of all abilities. Some of the inclusive design features include pour in place rubber surfacing, making it accessible for wheelchairs to easily access all points of the playground with the assistance of double wide ramps allowing for enough space to change directions. Some independent components include the Sway Fun Glider, We-Saw and Omni Spinner. An addition to this park will also be the new We-Go-Round – designed for children and families to play together, including those in wheelchairs. Skyways Shade products were designed for comfortable play during hot summer days and Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments have been incorporated to allow for creativity and express themselves through music.

This playground is designed to create developmentally appropriate spaces for kids of all ages and abilities, in a sensory-rich environment that promotes physical, social and emotional development.

Unwin Park is expected to open in early fall!

To learn more about this exciting project, contact us today.

Castle Spray Park Open!

Castle Spray Park in Port Coquitlam is officially open! This new and exciting spray park from Aquatix by Landscape Structures features components such as a shower dome, hydrosphere, and stream jet which all promote inclusive interactions between children! The Versosplash, the standout feature, is the perfect way to get a good dunk on a hot summer’s day with an unexpected bucket dump leading to a giant splash of fun for all!

Situated next to a playground, this park offers many play opportunities for endless hours of fun!

Be sure to check it out while it’s still hot out.

2252 Castle Crescent, Port Coquitlam, BC.

SkyWays® & CoolToppers® Shade Products

Summer weather calls for some shade!

Landscape Structures SkyWays® and CoolToppers® shade products offer a cool shade option for any outdoor play space. It’s designed to block up to 97 percent of the sun’s UV Rays, helping to keep your playground 30 degrees cooler.

Make your shade cover stand out! Its varying sizes and endless colour options allow you to create the perfect addition to any outdoor space!

On a hot summer day, a shade option is a must!

Jumpstart Inclusive and Accessible Playground Opens at Shouldice Park


In 2018, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities announced that it would build a universally accessible playground in Shouldice Park (Calgary, AB) as part of its Jumpstart Inclusive Playground Project initiative. Situated in northwest Calgary, Shouldice Park is a combination of a major athletic park and neighbourhood park, and surrounds the Shouldice Aquatic Centre and Shouldice Arena.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities was launched in 2005 to address an issue of national concern: the inactivity of kids. National in scope, but local in its focus, Jumpstart helps kids in financial need participate in organized sports and physical activities. And through its Play Finds A Way movement, Jumpstart’s vision is to create large-scale, accessible playgrounds across Canada. Jumpstart will work with selected municipalities to design and build inclusive playgrounds for kids of all abilities, building at least one playground in every province and territory by 2023. Jumpstart has always been committed to supporting local communities and their goal is that these playgrounds will become a destination, and a gathering place, for communities to unite around play.   

Leveraging universal design principals, Jumpstart’s mission is to ensure that these playgrounds become the standard for inclusivity by creating imaginative and accessible spaces where children of all abilities can share in the magic of play. Universal Design is a framework for design with the express goal of creating environments that are usable by the widest range of abilities. This framework influences the design of Inclusive Play environments to ultimately increase access, safety, comfort and participation within play environments. Because it benefits everyone regardless of condition, the playground becomes a truly multigenerational gathering space for community enjoyment, socialization, healthy bodies and imaginative fun, without eliminating the absolutely necessary fun and risk of a park playground.

Jumpstart worked with the City of Calgary, Habitat Systems and playground manufacturer Landscape Structures to create the city’s largest universally accessible playground at 15,000 square feet. A few of the playground’s inclusive design features include:

  • Double Wide Ramps – those using wheelchairs can roll side-by-side and there’s enough room to change directions while on the ramps.
  • Integrated Shade – children’s tolerance levels of sun and heat vary greatly, particularly for those who have sun allergies, or who take medications that increase susceptibility to sun poisoning and overheating. In addition, plenty of shade over the playstructure ensures that children can play comfortably for longer, and protects them from harmful UV rays.
  • Rollerslide – children gain tactile and auditory experience as they slide. The rollers eliminate static electric build-up which allows children with cochlear implants to use the slide without fear of static electricity discharging into their hearing device.
  • Sway Fun Glider – working together, children of all abilities create movement and vestibular input. The placement of the table in this element is key, creating an opportunity for children using a wheelchair to actively participate.
  • Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments – these wheelchair accessible components offer a unique way for kids and adults to be creative and express themselves both physically and emotionally.
  • Sensory Play Centre – the Sensory Play Centre encourages children to explore visual variation, textures, learning activities, movement, auditory and tactile elements – a variety of panels engages the seven senses for children of all ages and abilities.
  • OmniSpin Spinner – designed so that children using wheeled mobility devices can transfer or be transferred out of their devices and enjoy the rotation that comes from a merry-go-round experience. Riders and pushers cooperate to make this a fun vestibular experience and encouraging social play as well as the development of proprioception.
  • We-Saw – varied seating options ensure children can find the “just right” movement experience; and seats are large enough to accommodate teens and adults allowing the experience to become truly universal.
  • Molded Bucket Swing Seat with Harness – provides additional supports for children who might require trunk support while they swing.
  • Pour-in-Place Rubber Surfacing – a seamless synthetic surface is wheelchair accessible and allows for creative variations in colour and patterns, making it the number 1 choice for truly inclusive unitary surfacing.

This playground is designed to create developmentally appropriate spaces for kids of all ages and abilities, in a sensory-rich environment that promotes physical, social and emotional development.

The Shouldice Park inclusive playground opened June 19th, 2019.

To learn more about this exciting project, contact us today.

Accessible HealthBeat® Equipment

Get out and get active!

Landscape Structures HealthBeat® line promotes active wellness in the great outdoors. These outdoor fitness systems allow for a tailored workout session for all fitness levels and have been adapted for teens and adults of all abilities! With wheelchair accessibility options, everyone is given the opportunity to test their physical strength and work together!

Employee Recommended Workplace

Habitat Systems is proud to announce that we are an Employee Recommended Workplace. We take pride in the health and well-being of our employees and create a fun and welcoming work place environment.

We are honoured to receive this award as it demonstrates our ability in achieving a healthy and productive workforce.

Check out our Careers page to learn about the current job opportunities with Habitat Systems and join this amazing team!

Super Netplex

We took the most popular Netplex® components and added new opportunities for height that everyone can enjoy. Choose from four preconfigured Super Netplex designs that can take kids up to 12 feet high – including kids of all abilities. The center spiral belting with grippy texture provides an easy way for everyone to climb to the top for a whooshy ride down one or more slides. Now everyone can enjoy the spectacular view from up top while those watching below have perfect sightlines to all the activity. With lots of climbing, spinning, bouncy fun and plenty of places to hang out, any one of these playstructures will be a super addition to your playground. 

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NEW! Chill™ Spinner – Stainless Steel

Take a spin, or just relax in the comfortable seat with the new Chill™ Spinner. The stainless steel frame and textured black belting offer a designer look, yet a comfortable and secure ride. The spinning motion offers vestibular stimulation and helps kids understand centrifugal force and cause-and-effect.

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NEW! Curva™ Spinner – Stainless Steel

Add a designer look to any play space with the stainless steel Curva™ Spinner. This exciting piece was created to be used by one child or a group of kids. The spinning motion adds a fun play factor and helps kids develop better depth perception and balance.

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NEW! Curva™ Spinner

The Curva™ Spinner is a beautiful and fun addition to any play space with endless colour choices. One child or multiple kids can ride around and around to experience the exhilarating spinning sensation. It offers vestibular stimulation and promotes experimentation with centrifugal force and cause-and-effect.

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NEW! Chill Spinner™

Take a spin on the Chill™ Spinner or just relax in its comfortable seat.
The textured rubber belting creates a comfortable and secure ride for all kids to enjoy! The spinning motion offers vestibular stimulation and helps kids understand centrifugal force and cause-and-effect.

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NEW! Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments

Musical instruments offer a unique way for kids and adults to be creative and express themselves both physically and emotionally. It is joy that can be heard or felt, whether it is bold or subtle, composed or random. Several new instruments have been added to the existing collection including the new Cascata Bells, Tongue Drum and the Vibra Chimes.

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NEW! Crab Trap™

The unique look of the new Crab Trap™ will become a statement piece allowing kids to reach exciting new heights in play. This exciting net climbing structure adds visual appeal to any playground and accommodates lots of kids all at once, offering a plethora of opportunities to climb, crawl and hang out. Attack the Crab Trap from the inside or the outside, the options are endless. Kids decide how to maneuver from one challenge to the next, for open-ended play experiences that excite creativity and critical decision-making.

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NEW! We-Go-Round™

This patent pending next-generation merry-go-round offers plenty of space for more kids of all abilities to play and interact together. Strategic seating areas leave ample room for wheelchairs, including those without a wheel-locking mechanism allowing for everyone to enjoy the spinning fun. Once aboard, the integrated roof provides shade, and everyone faces the center so they can easily share smiles, laughter and conversation while in orbit.

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What Makes a Playground a Great Place for ALL Children to Play?

Submitted by Ingrid M. Kanics, OTR/L, Kanics Inclusive Design Services, LLC

Play is the most important activity for a child’s development. It is through play that children learn about their world, learn to manipulate it and succeed in it. One of the many places that children play is on the local playground. Be it in a local park, area school or large community center, the playground is a major environment for free play for all children. It is important that children of all abilities have the chance to engage with each other on these playgrounds so that they can all play, learn and grow together.

To read more on what makes a playground a great place for all children to play, please view Ingrid’s full article located in the link below…

What Makes a Playground a Great Place for ALL Children to Play?

Smart Play Centre
Smart Play Centre

Cooper’s Crossing Grand Opening

The Grand Opening at Cooper’s Crossing School in Airdrie was the perfect way to finish off the school year! It was a huge success and there were many people to help celebrate and share the excitement!

We love celebrating the finished product of a playground – a lot goes on behind the scenes to make it possible and the excitement and joy that the kids show when they see their new playground makes it all worth it!

Habitat Systems was honoured to be a part of this project and making the children’s’ playground dreams a reality!

Release Your Inner Ninja

FiteCore Extream

Have you seen the new FitCore™ Extreme? It’s time to release your inner ninja!

For teens and adults ages 13+ 15 different obstacles are available to test a variety of skills. Kids ages 5 to 12 can challenge themselves on 10 obstacles appropriate for their size and skill level. Each obstacle comes with its own sign to show proper form and use, and identifies the skills needed to complete the challenge.

FitCore Extreme obstacles are sold individually or can be designed into courses. Obstacles are challenging, and users can adapt their trial by using different grips, climbing in different styles, or approaching and dismounting in creative ways. This keeps users engaged and coming back to improve. Those who are avid watchers of extreme fitness shows will recognize many of the FitCore Extreme obstacles as popular events. These outdoor fitness products stay true to the spirit of extreme obstacle courses.

  • #244062 Quintuple Steps
  • #243907 Angled Overhead Ladder
  • #243016 A-Frame Cargo Net
  • #243190 Jump Hang
  • #243862 Peg Bridge
  • #243019 Vertical Cargo Net
  • #244064 High Step
  • #243899 Wheel Bridge
  • #243908 Angled Balance Beams
  • #243870 Globe Grasp
  • #244061 Spiderwalk
  • #244063 Unstable Bridge
  • #243909 Over Under Bars
  • #243778 Ledge Hanger
  • #243910 Rope Climb
  • #246315 Welcome Sign

Kids ages 5 to 12 can challenge themselves on 10 obstacles appropriate for their size and skill level.

  • #244194 Angled Overhead Ladder
  • #244191 A-Frame Cargo Net
  • #244193 Jump Hang
  • #244195 Peg Bridge
  • #244192 Vertical Cargo Net
  • #244201 High Step
  • #244196 Angled Balance Beams
  • #244200 Spiderwalk
  • #244198 Over Under Bars
  • #244199 Rope Climb
  • #246587 Welcome Sign

Interested in learning more? Want to become a ninja?

Contact us for a complimentary package of information.

New SkyWays® Shade Shape

Skyways by Landscape Structures

We are excited to launch a new shade shape, the Triangle Sail Shade.

The Triangle Sail Shade by Landscape Structures has three posts, which the sail attaches to at 8, 10 and 12 feet.

The varied attachment height delivers the unique triangular shape. With 23 fabric options this clean design can be added seamlessly to an array of site layouts to provide much needed shade.


Interested in learning more?

Contact us today for a complimentary brochure.

Poligon School Shelters

School is back in full swing and Poligon shade structures has the perfect walkway covers and outdoor shelters to fit your school needs.

Whether it’s covered outdoor seating or a protective walkway shelter to prevent students from getting wet in the cold, winter months or keeping them shaded on a hot, sunny day – Poligon structures has the perfect solution for you. Their modern and stylish designs give your outdoor space the ideal open air structure needed for your school.


BCAA PlayHere Contest Now Open!

Nominate your community or school project for a chance to win.

BCAA’s PlayHere contest is now open until April 15, 2018! Looking to apply for a playground project? Habitat Systems has worked with thousands of groups across Western Canada on their play spaces. With 5 offices and a team of 30, we are ready to assist you with your playground project planning needs.

The following communities who have won the BCAA contest are happily playing on Habitat Systems playground equipment.

Contact us
to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Past Winners
Torquay Elementary, Victoria 
Marion Schilling Elementary School, Kamloops
McKay Street Park, Prince Rupert



Gray Elementary Grand Opening

Congratulations to Gray Elementary!

Their official grand opening took place on Friday, March 9th and it was a beautiful day!

Habitat Systems was honoured to be a part of their grand opening and seeing the excited children enjoying their brand new playground. Thanks to the efforts of the PAC at Gray Elementary, the community and funding support from the city, the children now have playground to enjoy for years to come including some popular components that were selected by the children themselves!

Read the full article here!

Accessible Playground Funding Deadline March 16th

Smart Play Centre

Looking for funding for building an accessible playground? You may qualify for the Jumpstart Accessibility Grants program. Deadline for applications is March 16th.

Looking for assistance with your application?

Habitat Systems, provider of inclusive playground solutions would enjoy the opportunity to assist your group.

Reach one of our 5 offices in Western Canada at toll free
or email us at
to learn more.


Grants for playgrounds


  1. Accessibility-Enabling Grants: Jumpstart will provide grants up to $50,000 for projects designed to help organizations enable general accessibility within their facilities. Where possible, applications should demonstrate evidence of matching funds or in-kind support from Federal/Provincial/Territorial and/or municipal governments. Up to 14 Accessibility-Enabling Grants will be awarded annually.
  2. Inclusive Design Innovation Grants: Jumpstart will provide grants between $250,000 and $1,000,000 for projects designed to enhance existing building plans for sport and recreation spaces with uniquely innovative solutions for inclusion and accessibility for children of different abilities. On an annual basis, Jumpstart will award:
  3. Up to four grants valued at $250,000
  4. Up to two grants valued at $500,000
  5. Two grants valued at $1,000,000

NEW! AquaGather Station

Make a splash with the new interactive water play table from Aquatix by Landscape Structures!

This exciting and new water station is a perfect play experience for children of all abilities. This hexagon shaped station was designed for individuals with disabilities to easilyaccess all areas of this water play station, allowing for social interactions among all kids!

Children are able to control the water flow from all corners and can choose the speed and direction, allowing for complete control and imagination which allows for a fun and functional experience!

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Edmonds Community School & Canucks Playground

Happy Friday! Fridays are great days to kick-back and watch something fun. We have some really exciting playground projects in the works right now (stay tuned for details coming soon) but in the mean time, let’s flash back to a project that was both rewarding and fun. In 2011 Manny Malhotra, Dan Hamuis and their families in partnership with the Canucks for Kids Fund, Burnaby School District, and Habitat Systems Inc., came together to provide a playground to Edmonds School in Burnaby.

“It is on the playground where our students make their first friends and learn their first new word in English. It is also on the playground that our students learn the basics of good citizenship. They learn to take turns, to share, to work together and to solve problems peacefully. It’s where children learn that laughter sounds the same in every language.”

-David Starr, Principal at Edmonds Community School during the Playground Project in 2011

Check out the video below to take a trip back in time to this exciting project.

Two Vancouver Schools are still enjoying their Circle K Playgrounds

5 years ago Circle K International (CKI) members, a premier collegiate and university community service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International, gave sweat equity to transform the playgrounds at two Vancouver schools.

Partnering with Landscape Structures, and Habitat Systems, more than 150 CKI volunteers installed playground equipment at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary and Sir Wilfrid Laurier Annex. After two days of construction, some of which took place during heavy rain showers, the two playgrounds were complete. Fast forward to today and the children at these schools are still playing hard and enjoying the play spaces.

If you are a group looking to revamp or update your play space we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our client services which include fundraising assistance and grant opportunities.

Kiwanis Installation 2013

Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Smart Cities Embrace Waste Management Technology

Municipalities around the world are looking at smart city technologies to manage their infrastructure.

Victor Stanley’s Relay litter receptacle technology continuously monitors fill levels and weight, sending an alert that indicates unusual fill level change and when spikes in weight occur. Victor Stanley’s technology also allows for the tracking of litter receptacles when their locations are moved. The Relay system provides valuable data that can help stop residential dumping and overflow.

This technology is a wonderful Smart City solution for British Columbia and Alberta municipalities. Other cities in Canada, such at Niagara Falls, are embracing this efficient Waste Management system.

Contact us to learn more about the Relay system.



NEW! Alpha™ Link Towers

These new playable art pieces are sure to be the talk of the town! Landscape Structures’ Alpha Link Towers allow kids to scale the outside or climb inside reaching the fully enclosed 12′ deck for an amazing view. The elevated crawl tunnel provides an up-high scramble from one tower to the other.

Alpha Link Towers

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NEW! Alpha™ Tower

Landscape Structures’ Alpha Tower goes above and beyond the fun of a traditional playground. Reach new heights on the 12′ enclosed deck or take a trip down our fastest slide yet, the Double Swoosh!

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NEW! Sensory Tunnel

Landscape Structures knows that inclusive means more than accessible, and that’s why they’re proud to introduce the Sensory Tunnel. The tunnel gives kids of all abilities a sensory-rich experience filled with colour, light, and texture through a mix of materials. And yes, they’re accessible too!

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Reach New Heights with the Elev8!

Landscape Structures is taking climbing to new heights! With the new eight towering climbers and slides, children can now challenge themselves and discover innovative ways to make their way through the playground. These PlayBooster climbers are focused for children aged 5-12 and offer 8 foot decks allowing for elevated heights while they make their way up and down from one deck to the next using these new climbers. With a combination of varying slide heights and design, it makes for an exciting finish for the children!


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Greentree School Playground Opening!

Students at Greentree School in Drumheller, Alberta we’re excited for the new school year, especially since they have a brand new playground!

Habitat Systems was honoured to be a part of this project and just as happy as the children to see it in the ground and ready to play on! This playground offers many exciting components including the Rollerslide, the Boogie Board and the ever popular climbing structure – the Netplex®.

Read the full Greentree School article here!

Greentree School Playground

(Mailphotos by Terri Huxley)

Grand Opening Services

Do you have a newly finished playground that you want to celebrate and show off to everyone?

As part of working with Habitat Systems, we offer grand opening services and we would love to help you out with your event. Below is a list of what we can do for your Grand Opening Ceremony:

  1. An electronic invite to the event, designed specifically for your project by our in house Graphic Designer (this can be distributed via email and can also be printed)
  2. Posters of the 3D drawings of the playground for display at the event
  3. 3ft long Scissors
  4. Ceremonial ribbon for cutting
  5. Bollards to hold the ribbon
  6. Balloons for decoration
  7. At least one Habitat Systems staff member on site for set-up/assistance during the event
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Alberta School Funding

Playgrounds are an essential part of any school experience for a child. Outdoor activities and social interactions between children on the playground encourage physical and social skills and is an essential part of their development.

Funding for playgrounds can be a long process but the Government of Alberta has some exciting news. Over the next four years, the Province is committing $20 million to help build school playgrounds throughout Alberta!

Each school recipient will be awarded with a $250,000 grant to help make their playground dreams become a reality.  The grants will be available to all new school constructions between 2014-2018.

Check out the links below to learn more about this opportunity for new Alberta schools!

Province commits $20M to build school playgrounds

 Alberta directs $20M over 4 years for new school playgrounds

Alberta directs $20 M  over four years for new school playgrounds

Better Business Bureau

Habitat Systems is proud to be a member of the Better Business Bureau.

To learn more, visit our page on the Better Business Bureau website!

It all starts with trust.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Playground Equipment in Burnaby BC

Exhibition Park – Abbotsford, BC

The children of Abbotsford have a new playground to be excited about! Not only is it an exciting place space complete with challenging climbing components, the Global Motion (a rotating net climber), the popular ZipKrooz line and so much more, but it is a memorial playground. The Fire Fighter’s Memorial Playground is a dedication to all firefighters, honouring first responders for their hard work, as well as remembering those who have died. This is made aware to visitors with a greeting sign that reads, “A Fireman’s Prayer”. In addition, regimental numbers have been placed on either side of the fire truck structure remembering two firefighters who lost their lives to cancer.

This playground is a tribute and an amazing way to honour Firefighter’s for the daily sacrifices they make to keep our communities safe.



NEW Rhapsody Instruments – 2-5 Year Olds

Landscape Structures is excited to announce the newest collection to the Rhapsody line, introducing new musical instruments targeting 2-5 year olds. This new equipment is within reach for the little ones, allowing them to explore their musical abilities and create new sounds. These components are ideal for preschools, child care centres and other early childhood facilities.

These new Rhapsody instruments include drums, chimes to bing and bong their way along, and metallophones – the perfect musical additions to any  play space!

Add some musical fun with Rhapsody!


Shaped by Play Scholarship

Landscape Structures Launches Shaped by Play Scholarship

To help build the leaders of tomorrow Landscape Structures has launched the Shaped By Play Scholarship. A child (elementary, middle or high school students) needs to be nominated by a Kiwanis member, school principal or parks and recreation director.

Scholarships are available in amounts between $250 and $3,000. Funds can be used for camps, sports clinics, piano lessons, art classes and more. Complete the application by providing contact details for yourself and the nominee (child), sharing how the scholarship dollars will be used and the cost of the program. During the application be prepared to answer 3 short questions about how the nominee is shaped by play.

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The NEW Dero Icon Hitch Bike Rack

Dero wants to spice up your bike parking with new custom bike racks! The Icon Hitch is perfect for coffee shops, restaurants and so much more! With 8 different designs to choose from they all make a statement!

These frequently requested designs are now readily available with a faster lead time and an affordable price.

First choose your powder coat colour, then pick the design that perfectly suits your space.

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BCAA ($100,000 x 3) in playground funds!

Are there play opportunities in your community? Do your children have to travel for miles to go somewhere to play? BCAA wants to award three communities with a $100,000 grant to help build safe play spaces for your families. Deadline to apply is April 13th. Don’t miss this opportunity!!! Call us today at 1.866.422.4828 to learn how we can assist with your application.

BCAA Playground Funding

Victor Stanley Products

Looking to complete your space with some trendy site furnishing additions? Habitat Systems are distributors of Victor Stanley’s site furnishing products and we would be happy to assist you. Victor Stanley offers a complete line of products that will withstand the test of time due to their high quality, manufacturing and design techniques. They have everything you’re looking for from benches and picnic tables, to bike racks and litter receptacles.

Take a look at some of their newest trends and collections:

Relay Series


Habitat Systems is proud to be a SECOR member.

SECOR is issued to an employer whose health and safety management system meets the Partnerships standard.


Working on a playground equipment project and want to learn more about this SECOR Certificate of Recognition? Contact us.



NEW! GeoPlex™


The abstract, geometric designs of GeoPlex™ deliver climbing fun for kids ages 5 to 12. GeoPlex climbing panels come together in so many different ways—climbers, towers, towers with nets and more—to create endless patterns of visual and physical texture.  Built-in hand- and foot-holds accommodate plenty of active kids and strategically placed holes provide excellent sightlines.

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NEW! Smart Play®: Nook and Loft


Two new Smart Play® playstructures will take kids from early crawling exploration on up to active climbing and social play. That’s because Smart Play: Nook is for kids ages 6 to 23 months, and Smart Play: Loft is for kids ages 2 to 5 years. Together, they span a critical period of childhood development, making these Smart Play playstructures ideal for childcare centers, schools and neighborhood playgrounds. Little ones can grow up with these matching playstructures as each provides age-appropriate play activities that inspire continued physical, mental and social growth.

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Shaped by Play

Many of our most important life lessons and skills were learned on the playground when we were kids. That’s why we work so hard to bring play to all children – to make sure our children grow up happy, healthy and engaged in their community. #shapedbyplay

We’re proud to be one of Landscape Structures representatives, they’re leading the way in innovation, quality and design in our industry and it makes a world of difference for our kids. Want to see how? check out their latest video!

Aviva Community Fund Grant

Over the past few years the annual Aviva Community Fund program has been assisting groups with making their playground dreams come true.  Habitat Systems is proud to have worked with schools who were recipients in receiving funding for their projects.

Click on the links below to see the amazing end results of these projects and contact Habitat Systems today to begin designs for your application.

Lord Selkirk ElementarySouth Slope Elementary


“The power to make a difference is in your hands”Aviva Community Fund

Victoria Courthouse Playground by Habitat Systems

Habitat Systems is honoured to be working with the Ministry of
Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services, who manage the
Victoria provincial courthouse grounds – former location of
“Tent City” – to develop the Victoria Courthouse Playground.

Victoria Courthouse Playground Tent City
Victoria Courthouse Playground Global Motion

The Tent City project is a redevelopment project at the Victoria provincial courthouse grounds, which previously had been occupied as a homeless camp. Once the province was able to provide housing to every resident formerly at that location, plans to clean up the site were put into action. New and exciting playground equipment was planned to revitalize the site.

Students in the surrounding area have been eagerly awaiting the new playground and were asked to provide input on their favourite playground components. The new Global Motion (pictured above) by Landscape Structures was a clear winner in the voting process. This new playground and park will create a positive gathering place on the Victoria Courthouse grounds for children and adults of all abilities and ages. Installation is planned for March 2017. Stay tuned for more on this exciting project.

In the News:

Dreams for playground at former tent city site taking shape

Aquatix Launches at NRPA 2016

Aquatix (formerly ARC) has joined forces with Landscape Structures, leading manufacturer of playgrounds, to bring groundbreaking designs and innovations to the world of water playground environments.

Their endless water feature options are perfect for installations such as

  • municipal parks
  • recreation centres
  • hotels
  • camping areas
  • amusement parks

Visit to learn more.

Getting in Touch with Nature

Habitat Systems was happy to work with Urban Systems to create a natural play space at the Fort St. John’s Child Development Centre. This natural inspired space takes a step back from a typical child’s playground of monkey bars and swings and focuses on the natural elements by incorporating logs and wooden structures to reconnect children with nature through play.

Shasta McCoy, a Landscape Architect from Urban Systems has worked on multiple natural play projects, and states that “As humans we’re just drawn to natural spaces. I love the very beginning of these projects, when you sit down to work and realize the possibilities are kind of endless. Your mind goes in all directions and there’s so much opportunity for creativity and exploration.”

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Victor Stanley Announces Relay™


Introducing the Victor Stanley Relay™ Sensor and Service, which continuously monitors fill level. But that’s just the beginning. Powered by our Street Level Sensing™ technology, Relay also…

• Continuously monitors fill level, weight, location and collection status

• Tracks location via GPS, so you always know where receptacles were moved and where they belong

• Allows you to log on and view collection data in real-time and historically

• Boosts efficiency in planning, scheduling and routing collections

• Saves an estimated 20-40% in collection expenses

• Is built for reliability and durability, along with everything we manufacture

Victor Stanley Relay™ uses technology, sensors and web services which we designed, built, and own, so you can rely on our product whether you retrofit Relay or make it part of your new receptacle orders.

Contact Us today for more information on this cutting edge product.


Introducing Global Motion™

Global Motion™ is Launched Today. New climbing structure accommodates large groups of kids while remaining easy-to-turn

Global Motion™ is a freestanding, rotating climber that welcomes entire groups of children aboard for a fully-inclusive, multisensory experience. Even when loaded with kids, Global Motion remains easy to turn and control thanks to a patent-pending progressive resistance mechanism which keeps things rotating at fun, yet controllable speed.

Children who love to climb and turn now have infinite play possibilities in their reach. Sensory-rich activities like Global Motion help children develop the skills necessary to engage, change and impact the world around them. In particular, playground activities with motion provide a fun way for kids to develop better depth perception, balance and cause-and-effect skills.

Bike Room Solutions – Ultra Space Saver


The Ultra Space Saver provides easy and ample space for u-lock security on nearly any bike, including bikes with fenders.
Thanks to design enhancements, the double-sided Ultra Space Saver parks more than double the capacity of a standard bike rack.

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Community Installation Project!

Community Installations are a great way to get the public to come together and support their community by volunteering their time to assist with the installation of a new playground.

It is a great alternative to a full installation as it allows the community to work together, along with the help and assistance of a certified Habitat Systems installer to supervise the project.

The photos below are an example of a community installation that took place at Webster Elementary in Warfield, BC.

This school received the playground of their dreams thanks to the help of the community!

Community-Install-9          Community-Install-8

Community-Install-4          Community-Install-11

Community-Install-16          Community-Install-17

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Community Playground Build at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Schools

Community Playground Build at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Schools

What a whirlwind of a week! On June 24th and June 25th, 2013 over 150 Circle K International (CKI) volunteers from all over North America set out to build two new playgrounds for Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary and Sir Wilfrid Laurier Annex. A lot of rain and even more mud didn’t stop these volunteers from getting the job done and the wet weather definitely did not dampen their spirits. It takes a very special group of people to show up on site in the pouring rain with smiles on their faces, full of motivation and support. The playground build was a truly inspiring scene and Habitat Systems feels so proud to have been involved in such a meaningful project. We would like to thank everyone from CKI, Kiwanis, Landscape Structures, theVancouver School Board and the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Schools and PAC members who were out there every day in full support of the project and willing to lend a helping hand.

The projects came to a close on Thursday, June 27, 2013 with ribbon cutting ceremonies at both schools. The principal, Janet Souther and Vice Principal, Rosie Poetschke gave wonderful speeches, expressing their gratitude to everyone who made these projects possible. The ribbons were cut, marking the official grand opening of the two playgrounds on the very last day of school before summer holidays. The Sir Wilfrid Laurier students and surrounding communities have two beautiful new playgrounds to play on this summer and the timing couldn’t have been better!