Habitat Systems is here to assist in your playground fundraising & grants needs to ensure your playground dreams become a reality. Here are  examples of how we can assist. Contact us to hear more!


Scratchcard Fundraising Program

Specifically for schools, this 100% profit program is the perfect way to gain funds for your playground project.

Playground Fundraising Guide

Other schools have been in your shoes. Fundraising can be tough. This guide details the stories of schools who have been successful and includes a budget breakdown of each project and how they were able to accomplish their goal. Each project featured in this guide includes contact information, making it easy for you to get in touch with the right people to take the next step.


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Playground Grants

Grants are a great way of raising funds when there are limited numbers within your organization. Habitat Systems is here to assist you with your application. We can provide you with designs and pricing to include along with your grant applications that meet the specific needs of your group and site.

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