Rubber Playground Tiles

Dinoflex rubber playground surfacing tiles protect little ones from falls and come in an array of fun colour options

  • Ideal for schools, parks & daycares
  • Easily installed over concrete or compacted gravel, without the need for adhesive.
  • Endless designs and symbols options – imagine numbers and letters of every color built right into the floor
  • Fully accessible playground surface that is slip-resistant even when wet
  • Durable to withstand the wear and tear put on by kids

Synthetic tiles and mats that are a combination of a chemical binder and a rubber filler. Tiles are available in various thicknesses and colours (depending upon required fall height). Again, critical that the product is installed atop a good quality sub-base to maximize longevity and safety. Tiles can be installed be a local contractor which can reduce the total cost of ownership (as long as they are installed to the manufacturer’s instructions). The product is wheelchair accessible and offers a very low maintenance requirement. It is not a seamless product, so I wouldn’t recommend for a large area – the grid like layout has a rather ‘institutional’ look regardless of pattern and being ‘tiles’ will have a large amount of joints that wheelchair users will feel whilst traversing. The most significant disadvantage of Rubber Tiles is the high cost associated with the purchase of the materials. Affordability has been made somewhat more attainable in recent years by the Tire Stewardship of BC Community Grant Program. Recommendation: Tiles are great for small projects, paths and walk ways.


Rubber Tiles provide drop height protection from 4' to 8'
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