Pour-In-Place Rubber Flooring

Pour-In-Place rubber flooring ensures your playground surface is as beautiful and safe as your playground.

Pour-In-Place rubber surfacing is a low maintenance playground surfacing solution. It stays put and prevents water from pooling creating a non-slip surface. This recycled rubber flooring is environmentally friendly and extremely accessible, allowing children and adults of all abilities to enjoy your space. Pour-In-Place surfacing is incredibly customizable; your imagination is the limit!

It’s seamless synthetic surface is formed with a chemical binder and rubber crumb, available in a wide variety of colours and can be formed around any shape play box or design. Critical to the success of Pour-in-Place Rubber is in a good quality compacted sub-base (or atop asphalt/concrete) and professional installation. The product is wheelchair accessible, virtually maintenance free and is a great choice for playable landforms (variations in colour, patterns & mounds within the rubber surface). Will still require general maintenance such as sweeping/blowing debris from the surface and typically you will have a shorter lifespan than the equipment. The most significant disadvantage of Pour-in-Place is that typically it is the most expensive safety surfacing in the market because of the high cost of material and requirement for professional installation. Affordability has been made somewhat more attainable in recent years by the Tire Stewardship of BC Community Grant Program. Recommendation: number 1 choice for unitary surfacing.

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