What Makes a Playground a Great Place for ALL Children to Play?

Submitted by Ingrid M. Kanics, OTR/L, Kanics Inclusive Design Services, LLC

Play is the most important activity for a child’s development. It is through play that children learn about their world, learn to manipulate it and succeed in it. One of the many places that children play is on the local playground. Be it in a local park, area school or large community center, the playground is a major environment for free play for all children. It is important that children of all abilities have the chance to engage with each other on these playgrounds so that they can all play, learn and grow together.

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What Makes a Playground a Great Place for ALL Children to Play?

Smart Play Centre
Smart Play Centre

Release Your Inner Ninja

FiteCore Extream

Have you seen the new FitCore™ Extreme? It’s time to release your inner ninja!

For teens and adults ages 13+ 15 different obstacles are available to test a variety of skills. Kids ages 5 to 12 can challenge themselves on 10 obstacles appropriate for their size and skill level. Each obstacle comes with its own sign to show proper form and use, and identifies the skills needed to complete the challenge.

FitCore Extreme obstacles are sold individually or can be designed into courses. Obstacles are challenging, and users can adapt their trial by using different grips, climbing in different styles, or approaching and dismounting in creative ways. This keeps users engaged and coming back to improve. Those who are avid watchers of extreme fitness shows will recognize many of the FitCore Extreme obstacles as popular events. These outdoor fitness products stay true to the spirit of extreme obstacle courses.

  • #244062 Quintuple Steps
  • #243907 Angled Overhead Ladder
  • #243016 A-Frame Cargo Net
  • #243190 Jump Hang
  • #243862 Peg Bridge
  • #243019 Vertical Cargo Net
  • #244064 High Step
  • #243899 Wheel Bridge
  • #243908 Angled Balance Beams
  • #243870 Globe Grasp
  • #244061 Spiderwalk
  • #244063 Unstable Bridge
  • #243909 Over Under Bars
  • #243778 Ledge Hanger
  • #243910 Rope Climb
  • #246315 Welcome Sign

Kids ages 5 to 12 can challenge themselves on 10 obstacles appropriate for their size and skill level.

  • #244194 Angled Overhead Ladder
  • #244191 A-Frame Cargo Net
  • #244193 Jump Hang
  • #244195 Peg Bridge
  • #244192 Vertical Cargo Net
  • #244201 High Step
  • #244196 Angled Balance Beams
  • #244200 Spiderwalk
  • #244198 Over Under Bars
  • #244199 Rope Climb
  • #246587 Welcome Sign

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New SkyWays® Shade Shape

Skyways by Landscape Structures

We are excited to launch a new shade shape, the Triangle Sail Shade.

The Triangle Sail Shade by Landscape Structures has three posts, which the sail attaches to at 8, 10 and 12 feet.

The varied attachment height delivers the unique triangular shape. With 23 fabric options this clean design can be added seamlessly to an array of site layouts to provide much needed shade.


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BCAA PlayHere Contest Now Open!

Nominate your community or school project for a chance to win.

BCAA’s PlayHere contest is now open until April 15, 2018! Looking to apply for a playground project? Habitat Systems has worked with thousands of groups across Western Canada on their play spaces. With 5 offices and a team of 30, we are ready to assist you with your playground project planning needs.

The following communities who have won the BCAA contest are happily playing on Habitat Systems playground equipment.

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to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Past Winners
Torquay Elementary, Victoria 
Marion Schilling Elementary School, Kamloops
McKay Street Park, Prince Rupert



Accessible Playground Funding Deadline March 16th

Smart Play Centre

Looking for funding for building an accessible playground? You may qualify for the Jumpstart Accessibility Grants program. Deadline for applications is March 16th.

Looking for assistance with your application?

Habitat Systems, provider of inclusive playground solutions would enjoy the opportunity to assist your group.

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Grants for playgrounds


  1. Accessibility-Enabling Grants: Jumpstart will provide grants up to $50,000 for projects designed to help organizations enable general accessibility within their facilities. Where possible, applications should demonstrate evidence of matching funds or in-kind support from Federal/Provincial/Territorial and/or municipal governments. Up to 14 Accessibility-Enabling Grants will be awarded annually.
  2. Inclusive Design Innovation Grants: Jumpstart will provide grants between $250,000 and $1,000,000 for projects designed to enhance existing building plans for sport and recreation spaces with uniquely innovative solutions for inclusion and accessibility for children of different abilities. On an annual basis, Jumpstart will award:
  3. Up to four grants valued at $250,000
  4. Up to two grants valued at $500,000
  5. Two grants valued at $1,000,000

Edmonds Community School & Canucks Playground

Happy Friday! Fridays are great days to kick-back and watch something fun. We have some really exciting playground projects in the works right now (stay tuned for details coming soon) but in the mean time, let’s flash back to a project that was both rewarding and fun. In 2011 Manny Malhotra, Dan Hamuis and their families in partnership with the Canucks for Kids Fund, Burnaby School District, and Habitat Systems Inc., came together to provide a playground to Edmonds School in Burnaby.

“It is on the playground where our students make their first friends and learn their first new word in English. It is also on the playground that our students learn the basics of good citizenship. They learn to take turns, to share, to work together and to solve problems peacefully. It’s where children learn that laughter sounds the same in every language.”

-David Starr, Principal at Edmonds Community School during the Playground Project in 2011

Check out the video below to take a trip back in time to this exciting project.

Two Vancouver Schools are still enjoying their Circle K Playgrounds

5 years ago Circle K International (CKI) members, a premier collegiate and university community service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International, gave sweat equity to transform the playgrounds at two Vancouver schools.

Partnering with Landscape Structures, and Habitat Systems, more than 150 CKI volunteers installed playground equipment at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary and Sir Wilfrid Laurier Annex. After two days of construction, some of which took place during heavy rain showers, the two playgrounds were complete. Fast forward to today and the children at these schools are still playing hard and enjoying the play spaces.

If you are a group looking to revamp or update your play space we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our client services which include fundraising assistance and grant opportunities.

Kiwanis Installation 2013

Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Smart Cities Embrace Waste Management Technology

Municipalities around the world are looking at smart city technologies to manage their infrastructure.

Victor Stanley’s Relay litter receptacle technology continuously monitors fill levels and weight, sending an alert that indicates unusual fill level change and when spikes in weight occur. Victor Stanley’s technology also allows for the tracking of litter receptacles when their locations are moved. The Relay system provides valuable data that can help stop residential dumping and overflow.

This technology is a wonderful Smart City solution for British Columbia and Alberta municipalities. Other cities in Canada, such at Niagara Falls, are embracing this efficient Waste Management system.

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