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Dero is the go-to source for innovation in bike community, parking and storage solutions. Dero bike racks, shelters and lockers are highly engineered for security, maximum protection and are imaginatively designed for architectural refinement.


Commercial Bike Racks

Dero offers over 25 different styles of Commercial Bike Racks, creating the perfect complement to your outdoor space.

Bicycle Shelters

Dero offers four standard shelter lines but can also work with you to design a customized bike shelter to fit your specifications.


Bike Repair

Dero has a Fixit stand which includes the wrenches, screwdrivers, and air pump needed for basic bike maintenance, to the stand-alone Air Kit pump add-on for bike racks.

Bike Lockers

Bike Lockers are a great choice for maximum security and long-term bike storage. They often are an excellent compliment to transit stops and park-n-rides.


Custom Bike Racks

Have an idea for a bike rack? All you have to do is provide a sketch and Dero can bring your bike rack dreams to life with their customized bike rack systems.

Street Design

Set your bicycle friendly city apart with Dero’s innovative in street focused products. We can help you provide an environment that cyclists and pedestrians will love.



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