Literacy Play

What better way to develop literacy skills than through play? Habitat Systems wants to make learning on the playground easy and accessible to everyone in your community. By creating public spaces that encourage interactive learning, we can reduce the gap in literacy between low income and high income families.

We are proud to be connected with LITE (Literacy in the Environment). LITE’s goal is to support the development of literacy skills in pre-schoolers by placing foundational reading experiences in public play spaces. Below are some thoughts from Vi Hughes, co-founder of LITE, on what playgrounds can offer to support literacy.

“Children are curious. They notice things. They are talkers. They ask questions. Playgrounds can spark that curiosity and ignite language learning by including playful encounters with print – words, rhymes, numbers, songs. These encounters will welcome a child into the reading world while they are busy at play.”

Two new Smart Play® playstructures will take kids from early crawling exploration on up to active climbing and social play. That’s because Smart Play: Nook is for kids ages 6 to 23 months, and Smart Play: Loft is for kids ages 2 to 5 years. Together, they span a critical period of childhood development, making these Smart Play playstructures ideal for childcare centers, schools and neighborhood playgrounds. Little ones can grow up with these matching playstructures as each provides age-appropriate play activities that inspire continued physical, mental and social growth.

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