HealthBeat® Fitness Equipment

Bring the best of the gym to the great outdoors with the HealthBeat® Outdoor Fitness System. Developed with the aid of an advisory council of physical fitness experts, the HealthBeat system offers a way to exercise in an outdoor environment.

HealthBeat Elliptical

HealthBeat® Elliptical

Engages the lower body, upper body and core muscles while also encouraging muscle coordination

HealthBeat® Squat Press

Builds leg and hip muscle endurance

HealthBeat Cardio Stepper

HealthBeat® Cardio Stepper

Provides a cardiovascular/step aerobic workout

HealthBeat® Assisted Row/PushUp

A great upper-body workout that exercises multiple muscles

HealthBeat Ab Crunch/Leg Lift
HealthBeat Ab Crunch/Leg Lift

HealthBeat® Ab Crunch/Leg Lift

The HealthBeat® Ab Crunch/Leg Lift works both the upper and lower abdominals

HealthBeat® Pull Up/Dip

Multiple highly effective strength-building exercises for the upper body

HealthBeat Pull Up/Dip

HealthBeat® Stretch

Maintains flexibility and range of motion

HealthBeat® Chest/Back Press

The Chest/Back Press builds equal endurance for opposing muscle groups at one fitness station

HealthBeat Chest/Back Press
HealthBeat Tai Chi Wheels

HealthBeat® Tai Chi Wheels

Evenly tones muscles without strain

HealthBeat® Hand Cycler

Ability to build both cardio and strength on this wheelchair-accessible station

HealthBeat Plyometrics

HealthBeat® Plyometrics

Increases muscle power and helps develop strength for explosive motions

HealthBeat® Parallel Bars

Wheelchair-accessible station that accommodates beginners and advanced users

HealthBeat Parallel Bars
HealthBeat Balance Steps

HealthBeat® Balance Steps

May be used as a balance beam or as a step aerobics station

HealthBeat® Mobility

A safe structure for developing balance, and essential functional fitness skill for older adults

HealthBeat Mobility



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