Pipestone Creek Park, Grand Prairie AB gets dinosaur-themed playground

June 27th, 2011
Pipestone Creek Park Playground

Pipestone Creek Park Dinosaur Dig

Congratulations to the County of Grande Prairie on their new dinosaur-themed playground in Pipestone Creek Park! The playground, four years in the making, officially opened on June 24th and the project was spearheaded by Susan Davis, parks coordinator. The dinosaur-themed playground features special items, such as Brontosaurus and T-Rex Climbers, a Stegosaurus Sky Rail and Dino Talk Tubes. The playground showcases Landscape Structures Inc.’s commitment to the manufacturing of exceptional custom play equipment. Included in the playground is a custom Pachyrhinosaurus Dig Site, containing fossils (Dino head & egg) that replicate fossils found in the Grand Prairie area. The project benefited from a local expert, Palaeontologist Phil Bell, who provided sketches of the Pachyrhinosaurus that was used in the dig site.

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